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Cervical spondylopathy is the most common occupational disease, which is mainly caused by incorrect sitting posture because of the mismatch of daily table and chair.
Nillkin FlexDesk Adjustable Laptop stand is born with 6-speed adjustable angles that let you enjoy your present work at your most suitable sitting posture all round, relieving your cervical pressure effectively.
The height and angle of FlexDesk Laptop is adjustable. Height can be adjusted up to 13cm that efficiently maintains your sight and laptop screen at the same level, reducing cervical soreness and other symptoms. It adopts the technology of sand blast oxidation process treatment on the aluminum alloy surface, and excellent damping adjustment. 10kg load-bearing and anti-slip silicone pad design makes it’s stability re-upgrading. Even if typing for long periods of time, the stand keeps as stable as a rock, not affected by hand pressure at all !

Nillkin FlexDesk Adjustable Laptop Stand

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