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  • Computer & Peripherals

    Different peripherals from where you can choose from, various brands and qualities.

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  • Computers / Laptops & Parts

    From a basic computer / laptop to high specs, ready made and also build your own availability.

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  • Printing / Scanning & Consumables

    Wide range of laser and ink jet printers for home users and offices, basic to professionals.

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  • Network

    From a simple home network to a complex network, we have the equipment and install on site.

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  • Mobiles & Tablets Accessories

    Wide range of mobile covers from where you can choose, also various accessories for your phone.

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  • Phones & Tablets

    Latest models from various brands, with different colors to choose from.

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  • Sound & Vision

    From professional to basic surround systems, radios, various TV models and Headphones.

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About Our Products

Customer experience is the key to business success. In order to fulfill customer needs and complete orders, it is advisable to invest in the proper business products. We Import a wide range of products from various top brands. Our company ensures that the products are of a high quality, imported from the manufacturer and brand new. As home appliances we bring one of the top brands Samsung, which includes televisions, washing machines, fridges, and others. In Regards to mobiles and tablets we have a wide range of latest models of Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Lenovo. As for laptops our top brands are Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and HP. In Regards to printers we have a wide range of Canon products, Our Other brands include San Disk, Transcend, Fuji, Sony, Remax and much much more.

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What We Do

Micro Data Technology brings to bear the considerable experience and expertise of its staff to provide a flexible and cost effective on-going support package to meet its client’s needs. 

Repairing of computers, laptops and mobiles

We have qualified technicians for repairing mobiles, laptops, computers, while we also offer service of on-site calls & network support, amongst others.

Installation, maintenance and support

We have extensive hands on experience in installing, maintaining, and supporting a wide variety of networking products and technologies. 

On site repair centre

We have our very own dedicated repair centre with qualified technicians constantly on hand.

What our customers say