COTEetCI 74001 Bluetooth Car Receiver AUX


COTEetCI 74001 Bluetooth Car Receiver AUX

Bluetooth 5.1 Chip

COTEetCI 74001 The low delay of signal transmission, high-fidelity stereo, no squelch, low power consumption,

prevent the loss of audio signal nd background noise, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music experience while driving.1

USB Direct Power Supply

No need to charge, just plug in the USB port with power supply and start the car engine, the car Bluetooth adapter will automatically pair with the previously paired device, which is convenient and simple.

COTEetCI 74001 Bluetooth Car Receiver AUX

Extensible Cable Wire

The spiral cable body is made of high quality nylon braided, the compact and portable cable saves space in the center console, the stretched length is up to 1.5M/ 59.06inch, satisfy your needs on different occasions.

3.5mm Gold-plated Plug

3.5mm full gold-plated pure copper jack brings you 1.5X transfer speed music streaming, greater Hi-Fi sound quality bring you a perfect listening experience.

COTEetCI 74001 Bluetooth Car Receiver AUX

Zinc-alloy Shell

The shell case are made of zinc-alloy material, features with wear-resistant and compressive, quickly dissipate heat, which ensure a long service life.

Built-in Microphone

The built-in 92dB sensitivity microphone can perfectly pick up your voice, hands-free calling let you focus on driving and ensure safe driving.1


  1. the next time you turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, it will automatically pair and connect.
  2. With the help of the built-in microphone, they can free their hands when answering the phone
  3. The Bluetooth plug adapter uses advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure a more stable and faster connection
  4. The Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver Adapter has a good design and is very slim. The design is compact and compact
COTEetCI 74001 Bluetooth Car Receiver AUX

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