Quick Overview:

- Color: Red sport
- Energy efficiency class: A
- Annual energy consumption (kW/h): 27.5
- Carpet cleaning class: C
- The hard surface cleaning class: A
- Class of dust emissions: A
- Noise level (dB): 78
- Input Power (W): 750
- Main nozzle: TriActive suction head
- Extra suction head: Suction head for hard floors
- Included accessories: Accessory for narrow spaces and Integrated brush
- Dust capacity (liter): 3
- Type of dust bag: s-bag Classic Long Performance
- Exhaust filter: Anti-allergen filter
- Engine filter: 1-layer foam filter
- Action line (meter): 9
- Cable length (meter): 6 - Tube type: 2-piece metal telescopic tube
- Couple tube: ActiveLock
- Rotary type: Rubber
- Handle for transport: Front
- Product weight (kg): 4.2
- Product dimensions (L x D x H) cm: 40 x 28.2 x 25.1

Philips Performer Compact Vacuum Cleaner
The new Philips performer Compact Vacuum cleaner offers complete cleaning performance with minimal effort. AirflowMax technology maintain higher suction power for longer. The TriActive head effectively removes dust from all floors.
High performance with 3AAA energy classes
Technology developed to achieve maximum performance, Class A energy efficiency, Class A for hard surface cleaning performance and Class A for dust emissions.
Revolutionary AirflowMax technology for high suction power
The unique AirflowMax technology maintains high suction power for longer * to use the bag to the maximum. The technology is designed based on the optimization of three key elements: 1) A unique rib profile inside the dust compartment to maximize the airflow around the dust bag and allow the entire surface of the bag to be used. 2) High-capacity dust compartment designed specifically to allow the dust bag to be flat evenly. 3) High quality fiber structures that do not clog inside the dust bag and absorb dust without clogging the pores, thus avoiding a reduction in suction power.
The TriActive suction head applies 3 cleaning actions in one movement
The TriActive suction head applies 3 single-action cleaning actions: 1) Easily opens the rug with its special design to remove dust in depth 2) Easily vacuum large objects through the large front opening 3) the mess next to the furniture and the walls with the two side brushes.
Integrated accessories for maximum comfort
The vacuum cleaner is designed with integrated accessories, so you do not need to carry extra parts when you clean. The accessory for narrow spaces is positioned on the tank, always ready for use.
ActiveLock clutches for easy setting of each cleaning task
ActiveLock clutches allow you to easily connect and disconnect different aspirating heads and accessories from the telescopic tube during cleaning.
Compact and easy to effortlessly clean and easy to store
Thanks to its small size, the device can be easily stored, saving you valuable space. Also, reduced weight makes it easy to transport.
S-bag Classic Long Performance lasts up to 50% more
This new synthetic dust bag from Philips was designed to deliver a longer vacuum cleaner performance, ie a high level of suction power and maximum filtration, until the dust bag is full and ready for disposal.
The anti-allergy filter captures over 99.90% of fine dust
Designed to meet the specific needs of people suffering from allergies and, more generally, those who want a higher level of hygiene.
Can be used by people with allergies tested by ECARF
This vacuum cleaner is certified as antiallergic by the European Allergy Research Foundation. The exhaust air is purified to 99.9% for allergens coming from cat and dog hair, mites or pollen to provide a home-less environment.

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