Quick Overview:

- Color: White
- Power (W): 350
- Speed setting number: 1
- Product Features: It can be washed in the dishwasher, Legs that do not slip, Pulse, Built-in storage for cable.
- Barrel capacity (Liter): 1.25
- Cutter material: Stainless steel
- The vessel material: Plastic

Philips Blender 350W, 1.25L Jug


Just for you, Philips offers this reliable and long – lasting blender of excellent working features for the preparation of silky soft drinks, delicious sauces, finally chopped food supplements and crushing ice.


Powerful 350 W motor for best mixing
Powerful 350 W motor for smooth blend results. It has never been easier to prepare morning smoked sausage, sausage or crunchy ice
A crack-resistant plastic screw
Avoid breaking with this reinforced plastic spout. The 1.5 l barrel has a working capacity of 1.25 l.

4 Stainless Steel Blade Cutter
Stainless steel 4-spoke cutter for efficient blending and mixing. The newly designed cutter will blend and cut soft and hard ingredients and provide you and your family with perfect smoothies and sauces.
1 speed and pulsation for soft and hard ingredients such as ice
1 speed for powerful blending and pulse for crushing ice.
Intuitive button for easy use
Select the blending function or the pulsing function with just one button.
Adapt. power supply storage compartment
Save space thanks to the convenient cable storage system located below the blower housing.
Parts of washers in the dishwasher
All the removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.
With engine overheating protection
The Philips engine blower is designed to protect against overheating and high current during use.
Comfortable handle with thumb support
The new handle has a thumb support for easy holding and carrying.

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