Hama "AH-100" PC Headset

Quick Overview:

- Single-sided cable for comfortable wearing with no tangles
- Comfortable and optimal positioning thanks to the flexible microphone arm
- Cable remote control for convenient and continuous sound control

Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)





Electrospecific Properties

Frequency Range (Headphone)

20 Hz-18 kHz

Frequency Range (Microphone)

30 Hz - 16 kHz

Impedance (Headphone)

32 Ω

Impedance (Microphone)

32 Ω

Connectivity (Connection)




3.5 mm Jack Plug

Size & Weight

Cable Length

2.5 m

Physical Properties

Directivity (Microphone)




Sensitivity (Headphone)


Sensitivity (Microphone)

-60 dB +/- 3 dB

More product information

  • With circumaural earpieces for undisturbed listening and game or telephone sessions which last for hours
  • Extra-long cable


  • Make for a More Comfortable PC Gaming or Communication Experience with Hama AH-100 Stereo Head-set

    Lengthy gaming or voice chat sessions that last for hours on end can be hard on the ears, often caused by inflexible, poorly padded earpieces that produce tinny low quality sounds. However, this can all easily be avoided by simply investing in a good quality head-set, such as the Hama AH-100. With circumaural earpieces surrounded by plush cushions, your ears are protected from the discomfort of extended wear whilst external noise and interruptions are shut out for an improved listening experience. Throw yourself into the centre of the action and become immersed in the sounds of your favourite game or listen to the latest news and gossip from distant relatives and friends via chat programs such as Skype and MSN.

    Talk. Talk. Talk.

    Tired of just listening? Then why don’t you start doing the talking with the integrated cardioid condenser microphone. Fixed to the end of an adjustable microphone arm, it can easily be repositioned to meet the requirements of each individual user for comfortable communications and commands. Use it to chat online, to record personal voice memos, utilize voice activation controls or to intimidate gaming rivals, whatever your use for it, the -60 +/- 3 dB sensitivity and 30 Hz - 16 kHz frequency range will ensure that only the best quality sound is captured, recorded and relayed.

    Connecting the Hama AH-100 Headset to your computer couldn’t be easier. Simply plug the 3.5mm jack plugs in to the corresponding sockets and you are ready to go, with the additional bonus of an extra-long single-sided 2.5m cable for maximum freedom of movement and minimal tangling during use. So if you want to fetch something across the room or just feel like stretching your legs mid conversation, you can.

What's in the Box

  • 1 "AH-100" PC headset


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