• Protable Gan super fast charging wall charger: interchangeable pins wall charer, multi protocols,Max 65W
  • Suitable for using on over 200 countries, you can detachable plugs for suitable for different using
  • CN/US Pluge: CN,US,CA,JP,BR,PH,TH, etc
  • EU Pluge: DE/FR/NL/DK/FL/ NW/ PL/ etc
  • UK pluge: HK, MC,UK,IN,SG,MY
  • Mini design and easily picking up: US pluge can be fold into the charger with more convenient saving
  • Can charge mobile phone/ tablet/ laptop/ notebook and othe devices.
  • Multi-ports with 2 USB+ Type-C PD: support 3 devices on charging at the same time.
  • Safe and Fireproof: made from fireproof ABS, more safely use.
Yesido YC35 Gan 3 In 1 Combo 65W Mini Quick Charger

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