This charger can answer incoming calls

You can easily answer incoming calls to your mobile phone with this Yesido Y39 Bluetooth lighter charger. This charger uses Bluetooth 5.0 system and by connecting to the phone Bluetooth, it will allow you to answer your mobile phone. This means that you can answer incoming calls without picking up the phone via the charger.

It has two fast charging output ports

This Yesido Y39 Bluetooth Lighter Charger will help you connect two phones to the charger at the same time. So you no longer have to wait for one phone to charge and connect a second phone to it, and you can charge both of your phones at high speed at the same time. Note, however, that the use of one of these ports is such that it can be used both to charge the phone battery and to connect a flash.

Ability to connect flash and TF CARD

Another feature of this lighter charger is that you can connect a flash or TF CARD to it and enjoy playing audio files with this lighter.

Output with 5 volts and 2 amps

The 5 volt and 2 amp output of this product is very suitable for a mobile battery charger and you will no longer have to worry about running out of battery and turning off your phone.

Yesido Universal Car Charger

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