• Gaming Design With LED Lighting
  • Bluetooth Chipset V5.1
  • 10mm Large Drivers For HI-FI Sound
  • AAC and SBC audio decoding
  • 60ms Ultra-Low Latency
  • 24h long playtime
  • Design And Build Quality

    Charging Case

    Overall, I find the design of the Lenovo XT92 gaming headphones to be cool, it doesn’t look very gaming with shaped like a snake’s head, and it doesn’t have crazy lighting, So the charging case, it features a unique design, and is very compact, small, and lightweight only 50g, made of plastic in black glossy, It looks very cool.

  • There is also a long slot in the center of the front to open the case, which is surrounded by a built-in magnet for easy opening and closing with one hand. Once opened, there is a place for the earbuds with an automatic charging start. And on the side of the slit, there is a two green LED lights like snake eyes for battery condition with the Lenovo logo on the front.
  • The bottom of the charging case is flat for easy stability, Also has a USB Type-C charging port on the side, which is in a good place, especially on non-wireless charging cases.

    Lenovo XT92 Earbuds

    Looking at the design, The feel of the Lenovo XT92 Wireless Headphone is excellent and these are well-made with a compact ‘in-ear’. And they really sit comfortably inside your ears and in front of the buds, you can see the nice-looking green LED with the Lenovo logo. The outer part with a touch panel is a black glossy color, and most importantly, the lightweight body is only about 4g to be comfortable on the ear while on the move with the help of the soft rubber ear bands made of silicone with round pressure relief holes inside the earphone, which can balance the internal and external air pressure and ventilation.

Lenovo Thinkplus Live Pods XT92

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