Characteristics and description
  • The main ones
  • User characteristics
    • Interfaces
      USB, USB C
    • Wireless interfaces
      TF/U disk
    • Brand
    • Feeding
      from the cigarette lighter
    • Color
    • Car brand
      All car models
    • Features
      Multicolored illumination
    • Supported formats
      WMA, MP3
    • Display type
      LCD display
FM Modulator MP3 “Earldom ET-M79” Black is a device that allows you to transmit an audio signal from devices with a 3.5 mm output connector (for example, a smartphone, player or laptop) to a car stereo receiver via FM radio. This MP3 modulator supports playback of music from a USB storage device or from MicroSD memory cards. Also, this device has the functions of recharging devices with USB outputs and a display with LED backlight to display the operating mode, FM radio frequency and song titles. The main advantages of the Earldom ET-M79 Black modulator include compactness, convenient installation and tuning to the FM radio frequency, timely transmission of the audio signal without a shift in quality, and the absence of the need for wired connections between devices.
Earldom M79

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